How to Have a Healthy and Happy Marriage

You may or may not be familiar or comfortable with a therapeutic relationship and are not convinced it can really help at this point. — Karen Kleiman MSW, LCSW

Will online therapy really solve relationship hardship? In today’s fast-moving, fast-paced world, there are no perfect couples. You see people fall out and move on all the time and it’s sad how so many don’t find their perfect match. For some, they have found it but have let it slip away all because they couldn’t find a way to overcome their disagreements. However, is there really any way to have a healthy and happy marriage? Well, yes, there are a few ways. Not convinced? Why don’t you read on and find a few ways that might just help you?

Don’t Be Afraid To Seek Help

Why not seek out a therapist when things aren’t going right? Online counseling could actually be the answer to a healthy and happy marriage. Now, lots of people think counseling is rubbish and that it must mean you’re crazy to seek their help but that’s not the case. Professional counselors can help talk through the problems a couple is facing and can, in fact, help them find a way to overcome them. Online counseling sessions can be ideal too and it’s a great way to help get a relationship back on track.

If your relationship has hit a rocky patch, confronting the issues now could transform your marriage — and save it from destruction in the future. — April Eldemire LMFT

Why Not Change Things Up A Little?

Couples usually do the same things day in, day out. For example, the couple wakes up on a Monday morning and start the working week. They go to work, come home and sleep and next morning it starts all over again. At weekends, usually the couple is too tired to do anything else and after a while it gets boring. A healthy and happy marriage suddenly comes to an end which isn’t what you want. Instead, you need to find a way to make time to do something fun, exciting and new! Why not have a date night once a week or make a date for lunch; at the weekends you could try new activities that keep both happy. You can try online therapy and your therapist will say changing things up is good! You need to do this to keep a healthy and happy marriage.

Always Have Healthy Friendships with People outside the Relationship

It’s good you class your husband or wife as your best friend but what about outside the home? Do you have other friends? Does your partner have people he or she can hang out with and chat to? Sometimes, you need to have healthy friendships within and outside the home. You need friends just as much as your partner does so that both of you have support networks. Any online counseling therapist will say the same thing and it’s healthier for you too. Having fewer friends can be disheartening.

You are the expert on yourself. No one else, not even your partner, can read your mind and know what you need (emphasis added) in the way of support, intimate contact, time alone, domestic order, independence, sex, love, financial security, and so on. — Catherine Aponte Psy.D.

Do Things Together and Separately

familyYou want to have a healthy and happy marriage; well you have to do things! You cannot be afraid to do couple-based activities as this will help keep you involved with one another’s life outside the home. Having time together can be wonderful and an excellent way to keep both parties happy, even if you do one thing one week which one person likes and another thing which the other enjoys. It balances itself out really which is ideal. However, you cannot be joined at the hip all the time either. It’s necessary to have separate activities so that you can enjoy time together as well as time apart. This is crucial, and any online therapy session will say the same thing. Time together and a part from one another are necessary. view additional tips coming from

Have a Good Marriage

When you find someone special whom you love, care of and never want to be parted from, it can be tough to make it work. Sometimes, you get into this cycle of constant arguments over little things and it gets to a point where neither of you wants to back down. Saying sorry isn’t always thought of either but you don’t have to throw away your marriage. You can have a long, healthy and happy marriage and with online counseling, anything is possible.