Couples Therapy: What If It Doesn’t Work?

Many people believe in the success of couples therapy. This form of counseling has become popular in different countries all over the world. Married couples are often led to believe that the only way to solve the issues in their relationships is to find an excellent therapist, but there are many other strategies and resources that can help couples navigate the challenges of married life. While this may be true, there is no guarantee that it will offer a hundred percent success. As such, it is logical to conclude that it could also fail at some point.


If you have gone through online couples therapy and it proved to be useless in saving your marriage, then be sure to read the rest of this article. The first thing that you need to understand is that things do not work for several reasons. Stop forcing interactions or relationships because you deserve so much more. Here are the things to do once you discover that it does not work.

“Women go into marriage for the marriage. Men go into marriage for the woman.” — Vikki Stark M.S.W., M.F.T.

Keep Your Cool

Do not blame anyone for why the counseling failed. Remember that there are many factors that can affect the success rate of relationship therapy. What may work for other couples may not work for you and your husband, as every relationship is unique and depends on individual needs, and preferences, and what men want in a partner can vary widely. Accept how everything turned out. Do not forget that something bad happened because better things are coming your way.


Take The High Road

Stop antagonizing the other spouse just because the divorce or annulment took place. Instead, take it as an opportunity to become the bigger person. It may hurt a lot to find out that your efforts for marriage counseling did not work at all. Be mature enough to accept what happened. Start from there until you eventually feel better.

“Between 40 percent and 50 percent of marriages in the U.S. end in divorce, but this rate is falling — perhaps due to the excellent marriage counseling services now available.” — April Eldemire LMFT

Talk To A Personal Therapist

Remember that there are several forms of therapy available to troubled persons like you. If the couples therapy failed, it does not necessarily mean that you could no longer see your own chosen psychotherapist. Do not be shy in discussing your frustrations and problems with your personal therapist. For sure, he would be more than happy to accommodate your request. Be honest in everything that you will say because it can affect your credit.


Give Some Time

Maintaining a constant communication with a former partner may not be a good idea as long as the separation is still new. It is never easy to talk to someone whom you may still be in love with. Do not worry because this is only normal, especially if you have not yet completely moved on from what happened in the marriage. Now is not the time that you and your ex should become friends. It will take months or years, depending on the length of the marriage or reason for the breakup.

“Say I love you to one another. Hearing this feel reassuring about the way your partner feels about your relationship.” — Lisa Thomas LMFT

If you need someone to help you survive this difficult moment in your life, do not hesitate to call for help. A mental health expert is always available for appointments. All you have to do is to go online and start searching for the best therapist in town. Be sure to visit BetterHelp for all your other needs.