How To Become The Best Partner In Marriage

It’s true that nature provides us with a jet-fueled libido at the beginning of a relationship, but that does not guarantee a long-lasting, happy relationship. — Stan Tatkin Psy.D.

When we decide to commit, spend the rest of our lives and marry somebody, we envision a fire of romance without the glimpse of it fading away. As a husband or a wife, how do we keep on falling in love with the same person every day? How do we become the best “part” of being partners? Is it really possible to have the same gravity of falling in love from the first day you set eyes upon each other until you are old and gray? Here are some of the tips that stood the tests of time which can make it work as if every day is your honeymoon stage.

Establish trust and fidelity

Be open and honest to one another. It’s not about lurking your partner’s phone or emails and knowing their passwords or knowing their whereabouts every minute. Even without the need to ask for it, you always choose to trust and not to hurt your partner in any way. It means being consistent with your words and actions.

Be a good listener

A lot of marriages have failed because a majority of men find women as naggers. Remember that you are partners. You have to work hand in hand to achieve your goals. Communicate your thoughts and feelings but learn to listen first. Sometimes we have wrong assumptions regarding certain situations and it would be best to hear the perspective of your partner before you judge and make unnecessary conclusions. Be patient and kind with your words and actions. It is unavoidable that there are circumstances that will make you feel frustrated and disappointed about your partner but never say or do anything that will make you regret later on. Physical and emotional scars can tarnish a beautiful relationship.


If you’re a burnt-out parent, you’re exhausted in every way; you’ve neglected yourself without mercy. — Sean Grover L.C.S.W.

Be supportive of your spouse

Compliment and fill in the weaknesses of your spouse. By choosing to live a life together and set goals for your future and family, it is essential for you to work together as a team in achieving it. Never be imposing but listen to their aches and achievements, tears and triumph. Be appreciative of your partner’s contributions no matter how big or small that gesture is.

Engage in activities that you enjoy

What makes a happy marriage are the joys you see in each other’s smile. The fact that we marry our partner is because we have the most common interests or the same way of thinking. Finding activities or hobbies which you can both enjoy such as traveling, gardening or reading books also boost a fulfilling relationship.

Depression can make it difficult to see clearly or be objective about your experience. — Karen Kleiman MSW, LCSW

Consult the experts

It’s digital age already and a lot of experts can help us maintain and enhance a harmonious relationship. This generation is fortunate because they need not bear the agony just setting an appointment to psychiatrists, psychologists or counselors regarding issues in marriage. There are already highly professional and trained online therapists who are readily available to help couples have a long lasting and fulfilling marriage.


Having a happy marriage inside your home cultivates love and satisfaction that radiates to each one of you and you are setting an example to your children as well. This reflects towards your outlook about life and dealing with people outside your home. We can definitely say that the foundation of a strong society begins at home.